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Quest's Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie protein bar is back for another year!

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Quest's Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie protein bar is back for another year!

Hate to say it, but the seasons are a-changin', folks!! Dusk is creeping in gradually earlier each day and the trees are beginning to turn ever so slightly toasty...Autumn is coming!

Hey...it's not all doom and gloom, though! Off-season or otherwise, seasonally indulgent times lay ahead annnddd, yep, it's time to get 'PUMP'd', folks!!

One of the first to dive in with a 'Fall' flavour to help kickstart the festivities? Our old friends - the #CheatClean Kings - Quest Nutrition!! Let us introduce the new & improved...Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar!

For those who can cast their mind back 2/3 years (2015? Wow...looong time!) you may remember (fondly for some...not so much for others!) that this is not Quest's first rodeo when it comes to a Pumpkin-inspired bar; 2015 saw the release of their original Pumpkin Pie flavour.

Way back then, the bar was something of an oddity...the first COATED Quest bar! It had a crunchy, crumbly, madly-sweet, orange-coloured thing going on and...there's probably a reason they never tried that particular trick again (although the almond chunks in it were ace!! #texture)

Now? Quest have some solid creds in the coating game thanks to the cute, impressive and well-received Frosted Birthday Cake bar. Guess what? That SAME coating 'technology' has been employed here!! It's soft, sweet and adds a very distinctive (and welcome!) creaminess to proceedings. Not dissimilar to ONE bars' coating, it's, again, orange, but this time drizzled and delicately spiced...it works!

And inside? Very similar to Birthday Cake with a decently satisfying bite (just on the right side of chewy!!), not too sweet and with...DELICIOUS unannounced S'Mores-bar style biscuitty chunks!! Nice touch, Quest! Almost makes us forgive you for leaning more heavily on ginger & mixed spice than cinnamon here!! :D

Worth saying, too...not just a spiced, seasonal snack-sation, but stellar ingredients and macros as you can always expect with Quest!! 21g protein, 190kcals, basically no sugar...not bad, huh!

Quest have definitely pulled-off something cool here! Enough of a nod to V1 of this bar to attract old die-hards fans (including several on our own Pick&Mix Team!) but different enough to make it worth a go for those who weren't convinced first time around!

EXTREMELY LIMITED 1st stocks of this (and ditto NEW Peppermint Bark bars) are in the Mix now! If you're dying to get into your Fall flavours? Go. NOW!

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