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Quest's seasonal snacks are back for another year...don't miss Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint Bark!

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Quest's seasonal snacks are back for another year...don't miss Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint Bark!

...and they're BACK! Again! Yep, a hallmark of the season, protein snack wise, the Pick&Mix's oldest pals, Quest Nutrition, have dropped their seasonal double-act...Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint Bark!

These don't really need too much introduction at this point and, far as we can tell, they're pretty much unchanged from last year's super-popular versions of the same name (save for the textured drizzle atop the Pumpkin Pie! Slightly sad loss there but, hey, the real magic is on the inside!!) and, same as last year, if you're looking to go #OnAQuest seasonal-stylee? You've got to move *quick* as these are a super limited edition, one-hit kindof affair!

The main event here? Without a doubt the #basic, buttery, pumpkin-spiced bombshell that is Pumpkin Pie...a bar Quest have been playing with for years. Now? It's dialled-in and delicious, fusing a sweet, spiced centre (unusually, probably redolent more of ginger than of cinnamon) with crunchy inclusions (almond? biscuit? Who knows...who cares?! They're the best bit either way, making a welcome return again this year!) and all enrobed in a wonderfully sweet, creamy pumpkin-flavoured coating (a la Quest Birthday Cake and Choc Sprinkled Donut!)

Less autumnal and more wintry, we have the Christmas-classic, Elf-endorsed Peppermint Bark!! A #CheatClean 'Minter Wonderland' special, this bar also rocks a creamy Quest-y coating but, in this case, run-through with candy cane style sweet flecks and refreshing peppermint, enveloping a sandwich-style centre, part smooth vanilla, part rich choccy!

Just as good as we remember from last year, these Fall/festive faves will be gone all-too-soon so don't wait to unwrap a few of these 'Not-so-Dirty' special editions delivered, of course, with all that famous low sugar, low carb, high protein, gluten-free Questiness we all know and love!!

Both are available in the Mix - and our Quest Pick 'n Mix 12-bar bundle! - right now!!

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