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Raspberry Cheesecake inspires USN's latest TRUST Crunch creation!

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Raspberry Cheesecake inspires USN's latest TRUST Crunch creation!

FRI-YAY! USN have delivered yet ANOTHER awesome bar in the TRUST Crunch line-up! Yep, it's time to get fruit-y with their latest and greatest, the Raspberry Cheesecake bar, JAM-packed with delicious fruity flavour!

It's safe to say the TRUST Crunch bar has been well received by all - bars we can trust - and this newbie is yet another fine example of a soon-to-be favourite, low-sugar, triple-layer bar! Flavour number six (with, we're sure, plenty more to come!) for the range here, USN have done it again!⁠

Decadent white chocolate, sweet and oh-so-satisfying, generously filled with decadent, zingy raspberry jam, the cross-section speaks for itself here, folks...however it doesn't stop there! Think NY Cheesecake nougat! If anything, USN have turned this one around...they've upped the ante on this dreamy dessert by adding their hallmark extra CRUNCH where ordinarily cheesecake can somewhat lacking! ⁠

Where some may hesitate on fruit-y flavour, this is one you won't want to miss, with no comparison to a white chocolate raspberry candy bar because...well...they simply don't exist (hey, Cadbury's, there's an idea!) And, with flavour that will tantalise the taste buds, they have a winning formula that needed no adjustment but, with a couple of tweaks, USN have managed to make this one vegetarian!! A first for the range!

Raspberry Cheesecake joins the TRUST Crunch crew as another stand-out snacking sensation - and the first veggie-friendly one - available in the Mix now! Addicted to the CRUNCH? Why not 'Trust in the CRUNCH' and pick & mix your very own 12 bar bundle next time you stop by?!

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