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Season's TREATings and a very Merry Christmas (2019) from the Mix!

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Season's TREATings and a very Merry Christmas (2019) from the Mix!

...and that's a WRAP, folks!!

We've SO nearly seen the end of 2019 and, reflecting back, we find ourselves, once again, humbled by yet another year (by far our biggest, best and most bonkers yet!) of your protein-fuelled patronage!

Whether you've been regularly stopping by over the last half decade, have just joined us this year or even if you've just been chatting and interacting with us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or in-store...YOU guys are stars of the show here, and you make each and every day a fun, fresh challenge. Even better than that, though? You enable us to keep doing what we LOVE which, to be honest, mainly consists of finding *even more* tasty snacks and shakes to share with you!!⁠

Of course, this said, Christmas and the festive, holiday period is hardly *only* about reflection and gratitude and, at this point, what we would like more than anything else is for you guys to ENJOY the many, many goodies you've been getting us to send out to you over the last little while and, far, far more important that that...? That you take this brief halcyon respite to spend time with friends, family and all those near and dear to you and...⁠
...that you enjoy alllll the festive food!!⁠

So...that's it!! The countdown is finally over and the day has arrived! From our Protein Pick & Mix family to you and yours, just leaves us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!⁠

⁠Go get on with having a great day and an AWESOME Christmas and, as we always say, make it count, folks!!⁠