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Simply the ZEST! Barebells' luscious Lemon Curd White Choc bar has turned up in time for tea!

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Simply the ZEST! Barebells' luscious Lemon Curd White Choc bar has turned up in time for tea!

Have any of you noticed that there are SO many more cool Barebells bars and snacks available on the continent? Same deal with their sister company, NOCCO...we've almost lost count of the many awesome sounding extra flavours they have available on their Scandinavia home turf. :-(

Buuuuttt, for right now at least, there's no need to be too 'sour', folks, because...we're just about to catch up on one of them!! Yep, as the old adage goes, 'when life gives you lemons, make...Barebells Lemon Curd bars!

First released on the continent as a limited edition flavour back in the Spring, Lemon Curd is a wonderfully white chocolate coated addition to the bestselling Barebells protein bar line-up, adorned with protein crunchies and filled with a zingy lemon layer atop a vanilla-sweet centre.

Fortunately (which I say mainly because i'm not the *biggest* lemon fan), the overall experience is more that of the sweet, creamy-smooth custard component of traditional British lemon curd than of the sharp zestiness of the citrusy fruit inspiring this one; still refreshing and indulgent? Sure!! But think more...Lemon Cream Pie!

Yeah, I know I can't speak for you guys - and alot of you have been asking us to get our hands on this rather unique flavour à la Barebells for quite some time - but, for my part? This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for!! And with those added crunchies (#texture) working as the icing on the proverbial? Barebells haven't let us down!!

White choc and fruity filling or otherwise, Barebells have again delivered on the nutritionals, too! 200kcals, 20g protein and less than 2g of the refined stuff!!

With very few worthy competitors, Barebells are, almost by default, in a league of their own with new Lemon Curd here, and it's definitely the spiritual (but superior!) successor to the actually quite popular yet sadly discontinued 'Lemon Zinger' Fulfil Bar (RIP) you may remember from a year or so ago.

Simply the 'Zest', Barebells' luscious Lemon Curd is available in the Mix now and, of course, in our popular 'Barebells Brigade' Pick & Mix Bundle!

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