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The Smart Co's protein-packed, better-for-you 'toaster tarts' got some serious SMARTs!

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The Smart Co's protein-packed, better-for-you 'toaster tarts' got some serious SMARTs!

Morning, folks! Happy Friday! Hope you're having a suitably sweet and satisfying breakfast to celebrate surviving another looooong (and way too rainy here in the UK!) working week!

Huh? What's that? No??! You're so over oatmeal? Bored of bagels?! Can't face cereal?!!

Never fear!! We've got just the thing to put a healthy little protein-packed pastry 'pop' into the most important meal of the day... The Smart Co.'s SMART TARTs!!

Get your toaster at the ready, folks, as we got no less than 3 delicious, juicy, jam-filled flavours of Smart Tart to share with you...Strawberry, Blueberry and - our fave (no surprise here!!) - Cinnamon Twist!!

...the coolest thing? Things toaster treats don't just TASTE great! No, no...these tarts got SMARTs!

Not only are they made with all natural ingredients, including real fruit and even a little superfoody Chia and Acai for #health, but they're packing 8g protein, less than 10g sugar and come in at less than 200kcals a pastry!! For those keeping track, that's around half the sugar and 4x the protein of your (former) favourite filled toaster-pastries!!

These soft-baked beauties aren't just great for breakfast, either!! We're already finding it tough to keep our hands off them *any* time of the day! And you can just as easily stick one of these in your gym bag instead of your toaster and enjoy on-the-go, post-workout or...whenever, wherever!

Definitely try them toasted, though...that's them at their baked best! ;-)

Pro Tips: Keep your toaster timer short - these are too good to burn!! - and, for next level indulgence, try spreading peanut butter on top! PB&J protein paradise!!!

Combining nostalgic childhood breakfast indulgence with great ingredients and scarily justifiable nutritionals, there's nothing out these quite like these....available in the UK at The Protein Pick and Mix now and, yep, you can mix & match them too, in our new 'Jam-Packed Pastries' Pick 'n Mix bundle!

And you can believe us that The Smart Co. are only just getting started here...look our for yet more fun flavours soon!!

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