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Outright Bar's latest Campfire-classic flavour will definitely have you craving S'more(s)!

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Outright Bar's latest Campfire-classic flavour will definitely have you craving S'more(s)!

As the temperature is beginning to drop and night starting to trespass more and more on the working day i'm minded that, soon enough, that wonderful scent of burning logs will fill the autumnal evening air (have to say...always kinda loved this time of year!) Jumping from crisp to CRISPY, though, fires don't just bring warmth and comfort...they offer ample opportunity to make a satisfyingly sticky mess by setting alight to foodstuffs that, well, weren't really designed to be set alight!!

Whimsical wintry waffling aside, all this is to say that toasting marshmallows is alot of great-tasting fun and our friends Stateside, ever keen to turn up the 'treat' factor by doing snacks bigger and better, have perfected this campfire tradition by combining marshmallow, crunchy biscuit (specifically Graham Cracker...not tried them? Think McVities Digestives!) and, of course, chocolate. What do they call this monster mash-up? S'mores!!

Selling out instantly (and repeatedly!) right from launch over in the US, Marc Lobliner has stayed faithful to this exact gooey, guilty-pleasure classic in bringing the best of the S'mores experience (fortunately minus the burned mouth and fingers!!) to his irresistible OUTRIGHT bars with his latest flavour, S'mores Peanut Butter!!

Having *finally* managed to wrestle a first batch into the Mix, we couldn't wait to tear into this one (after stopping briefly to admire the super-sexy new packaging...I swear, Marc's game-changing bars look better and better with every fresh delivery!)...and, yep, it doesn't disappoint!!

Keeping up the OUTRIGHT 'real' approach to protein-packed snacking (wholesome wholefood-y goodness within, and all) Marc's riffed off his bestselling Choc Chip Peanut Butter bar, supplementing that inimitable, decadent rich peanut butter base - with its warming honey sweetness and semi-sweet choc chips - with real, crunchy Graham Cracker chunks and, yep, even soft, fluffy mini marshmallows!!

Whilst this new (campfire) 'hotness' is matched by the Butterscotch PB Outright Bar for sweetness, S'mores definitely adds more **BOOM** when it comes to fulsome flavour and fun inclusions (I mean...just look at that cross-section!!) making it one OUTRIGHT delicious treat. And it _still_ delivers on the nutritional front, offering a recovery-fuelling 15g protein alongside the all the healthy fats, low GI carbs and reassuring absence of funky fibres, fillers and sugar alcohols often found in traditional protein bars.

Whether an OUTRIGHT obsessive or totally new to the range, if you fancy trying a protein bar - and flavour - that stands apart from the rest? We're sure this latest bar will have you craving...S'More!! Available to Pick 'n Mix now in our 'OUTRIGHT Delicious' MTS Outright Bar Bundle!

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