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Snackin' in a Winter Wonderland!

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Snackin' in a Winter Wonderland!

As showstopping as the Glazed Sprinkled Donut bar is, we told ya Battle Snacks weren't done with the new flavours yet and, "A beautiful sight..." indeed, we have some new (frosty) hotness in the form of Winter Wonderland launching this weary Wednesday to save us from those mid-week blues!!

⁠With Glazed Donut barely off the cooling rack, the Battle Bites bakery has been BUSY this month!! Winter Wonderland forgoes the Donut's caramel coating in favour of pristine, creamy white chocolate (complete with white choc chips, obv!!) and, delivering the trademark Battle Bites layers and textures, we have rich caramel atop the uncannily soft core, all stuffed with crispy choccy protein crunchies!

Oh, and we should probably mention...this whole magical, white-choc-cookies-&-creamy creation? It dials-up the fun and the festive with just the tiniest bit of the...boozy! Yep, surely an absolute first for a protein bar (or any protein snack, for that matter!!), Kevin, Shaun and the crew over Battle Snacks have infused just a wee dash of Irish Cream!!

Bailey's anyone? A hearty, warming favourite of ours as Yuletide celebrations draw near, whilst we're just talking a subtle flavouring flourish here, it's a 'wonderful' extra dimension to *limited edition* Christmassy creation, and makes this one both naughty AND nice!!⁠

And, of course, we have the familiar two-bite format here, both together coming in at less than 3g sugar (and this is WHITE chocolate!!), 20g protein and less than 250kcals! Ho-ho-HOW DO THEY DO IT?!

Battle Bites have launched a full scale ATTACK on new snacks to kick us into this winter and, whilst many of you are already in love with Glazed Donut (that *actually* tastes like a glazed donut!), this is a limited edition must-try that'll sell you on the merry-merits of 'snackin' in a Winter Wonderland' in no time!! 

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