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Split Foods bring handmade and gourmet back to the Mix!!

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Split Foods bring handmade and gourmet back to the Mix!!

The weather might have taken a turn for the worst... BUT we're going to do our best to give you something to celebrate! ⁠Yep, it's time to make like a... HANDMADE PROTEIN BAR... and, say whaaaat?! That's right... SPL/T Protein Bars have landed in the Mix,

We are forever on our mission to find the ultimate high protein, guilt-free and - most importantly - most heavenly handmade protein treats and, having had the pleasure of offering some wonderful artisan snacks going in years gone by, the 'bar' has been set very high!! But just wait until you see (and taste!!) what new kids on the block, SPL/T foods have been up to!! 

The tastiest, softest, squishiest, gourmet-iest, sensational-iest (who needs real words anyways?!) bars are here! Each contains over 20g protein, are low sugar and come in under 240kcals...and the flavours? Just AWESOME!! Classic and craveable, to kick us off we have...⁠

- Biscoff® Creme⁠
- Nutella® Truffle
- Peanut Caramel⁠

From Biscoff Creme with a thiiiick layer of Biscoff fondant in all it's glory, to ooozing caramel EXPLODING through the salty peanut pieces in the Peanut Caramel and Nutella Truffle with it's oh-so soft-truffle like texture...these are a TRUE 'savour the flavour', lovingly handmade, artisan sweet snacks!

With EVERY quality we look for to satisfy our sweet teeth, from 'love at first bite' flavour, to indulgent texture that ticks alll the boxes and, finally, the presentation

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