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Super Sweet, Super Sour and Super...PINK! Pink Lemonade Sour Strips hit the UK!

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Super Sweet, Super Sour and Super...PINK! Pink Lemonade Sour Strips hit the UK!

Sweet and (super) sour we have - at last!! - the perfectly pink (and Pick 'n Mix themed!) Pink Lemonade Sour Strips up for grabs in the Mix!

Yep, *as if* Maxx would let us folks on this side of the Atlantic look on longingly indefinitely! Following Pink Lemonade's exclusive, limited launch on SourStrips.com back in the Summer, this latest Actual Candy creation is here and here to stay...and we had to fly some over just as soon as we could!

So...what have we been missing? Less Sherbet Lemon and perhaps more Swizzels' Refreshers, like all Sour Strips these soft, sugar crystal-clad strips pack a PUNCH (don't for a second be fooled by that pretty pink colour!!), sweet and zesty to start and sooooour to finish!

Crisp like the Mango (Maxx's only other naturally flavoured flavour!) Pink Lemonade puts Sour Strips' bold and unmistakable XXXtra sour twist on citrus, a timeless confectionery classic...totally worth the wait (and the addition to the permanent Strips roster!) and we're sure, for many, these will be an instant favourite!⁠

⁠As Maxx Chewning quips on the back of the pack, "when life gives you lemons, make sour candy!"...well, life has certainly given us all lemons this year and, whilst Maxx has clearly followed this imperative pretty literally (and he's made ALOT of sour candy!! Pretty terrifying amounts, in fact!!), it's good advice to all of us to take the sour with the sweet and try to make something awesome out of it!

...and with both Halloween and Christmas up ahead? Yeah, plenty of opportunities to enjoy sour candy, too

⁠Pink Lemonade and all other siiiiick flavours restocked in the Mix now, no better time to get your Sour Strips fix!

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