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Sweet & Salty come together in this epic candy-style Caramel Pretzel Battle Bites creation

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Sweet & Salty come together in this epic candy-style Caramel Pretzel Battle Bites creation

Caram-ello, gorgeous! Battle Snacks's gloriously golden latest flavour, Caramel Pretzel, has *finally* launched...and, wow, was it worth the wait!!!

From the moment we tried samples of this one last year we knew it was a something a bit standout and we've been (im)patiently hanging on for the Battle Bites bakery to get on it ever since...verdict now I'm holding this shiny-shiny, Wilka Wonka style wrapper in my hand? Totally worth its 'wait' in GOLD! :D

Haha...ok, so now it's made it in, what ARE we looking at here? Well, the gold motif established by the ever eye-catching Battle Bites wrapper carries on into the bar itself, and we're greeted by the first caramel-coloured triple-layer extravaganza of the range. And it's not only caramel-coloured....it's CARAMEL FLAVOURED, too!!

Oh yes, not just the caramel layer inside that delivering the goods here, but the sweet toffee caramel coating, too! And, even better (and making this bar truly deserving of its sexy, appetising name)...sprinkled, golden, smashed, salted pretzel pieces!!! C'mon!!!!

Inside? The typically soft nougat Battle Bites protein centre awaits, complete with crunchy crisps and, yes, more caramel!!⁠

And with the same too-good-to-be-true macros as the rest of the Battle Bites range - 20g protein, just 2g sugar, and just 110kcals a 'bite'! - this bar is alllll guiltfree treat!!

Available in the Mix right now, grab a bar, grab a box, or grab a Battle Snacks Pick 'n Mix bundle to savour for yourself sweet & salty doing 'Battle' in this golden delicious new flavour from the Battle Snacks team!

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