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The Swolesome Foods Christmas Collection has ARRIVED!

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The Swolesome Foods Christmas Collection has ARRIVED! the looks of the few days' orders it would seem that MANY of you have spotted already but, in case you haven't, Swolesome Foods Christmas goodies have ARRIVED, just in time for the start of December!!

If you've been seriously missing the Limited Edition Swolesome Halloween range...snack salvation is at hand!! Prepare to forget allllll about the, admittedly awesome, slime-tastic bars...these 4 new seasonal creations, following on from last year's super-popular Xmas range, pick-up on a few of everyone's favourite festive flavours and deliver them as only Swolesome Foods can!!

So...what are we talking this year?

· The gooey, nutella-filled '(Hazel)Nut Roast' chocolate-fest, crammed with crunchy granola and adorned with a hazelnutty, golden garnish.

· 'Gingerbread Cookie' with real candied ginger, ginger-snap, caramel toffee, white choc coating and a fudge topping!

· A crazy-authentic 'Mince Pie', with its white choc coating, generously filled with real spiced mincemeat, a cheeky hint of brandy flavour (haha...just flavour folks!!) and topped with shortbread!

...aaannddd, a pair of 'Santa's Baubles'! A mixed 'sack' (tee-hee) of, white-choc Choc Chip Cookie Dough, one - wait for it! - coated-coated (dyed seasonal red!) Carrot Cake!!! Sweet, spiced, nutty, just a touch naughty and thoroughly reindeer approved!! :D

There you have it, folks!! High protein, handmade, *super limited edition* (we'll get in as many as we can, but we probably have to give Maddie *something* of a break for Christmas!!) and guaranteed to make you Merry...Swolesome's Xmas collection!

All are available - even the non-FunderBar 'baubles' - in our FunderBar! bundle (we figured we'd keep things simple!) The first batch is nearly gone (!!) but, don't worry, more coming soon!!

These are the BEST way to end another year of awesome Swolesome goodies (thanks, Maddie!) Enjoy!!

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