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Take a BITE (or two) Outta' This!

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Take a BITE (or two) Outta' This!

It's ANOTHER snack-fest here in the Mix, folk and...it's DOUBLE trouble with Barebells' latest duo-style 'Double Bite' bars hitting in the Mix (and 2 flavours of them, at that!!)

Dropping in Choc and Caramel Crisp flavours these killer crunchy bars are a full-on fresh format for Barbells, more like chocolate-clad, caramel-filled cereal bars than OG fudgy triple-layer Barebells bars.⁠⁠

Waaaait...move away from classic Barebells? Really?! I mean, if it ain't broke...

We hear you! We were dubious too!! And, yep, these bites *are* very different from the classic Barebells bars but, for our part? We're HERE for them!!

We mentioned crunchy...well, the core experience is that of a souped-up cereal bar! Sound good? With a valley of oozing, gooey caramel a-top the packed 'popped' protein crispy centre that makes up most of the bar, then dunked in a generous layer of creamy milk chocolate...you bet it does!!

If you've ever tried the Quest 'Beyond Cereal' bars, Rice Krispie or Coco Pop style bars then you're in the ballpark but, of course, with that tasty Barebells functional-food twist, sweet, satisfying and, with 16g/17g protein per pack and the usual super low sugar promise, scarily justifiable!

From the xxxtra rich, choc-infused puffed crispy cocoa centre of the Choc Crisp to the millionaire bar salted caramel caress of the Caramel Crisp there's a lot of flavour and substantial Lion Bar-style bite going on in these densely packed little double-bite delights!

⁠Whether you've been a fan of Barebells since their arrival in the UK at the Mix in 2017 or new to the party, these new-style sharing-suitable bars tantalise your tastebuds as much as we've come to expect from the guys over in Sweden and, even better, they're available now in our bestselling 'Barebells Brigade' bundle now, alongside your original Barebells faves! 

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