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The Easter Egg Hunt is over! Calling all's time to get SWOLE(some) this Easter!

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The Easter Egg Hunt is over! Calling all's time to get SWOLE(some) this Easter! big, eggs-aggerated introduction needed here, folks!! Yep, that moment you've all been waiting for? The arrival of Swolesome Foods' Easter range!!

What...Easter goodies launching NOW?! Less than a week out from the big day?!! Haha...yep, you have us there but, thing is, this proper launch should actually have come well over a week ago but, as we could have eggs-pected (OK...last crap egg pun! Promise!!) the first batch, bumper though it was, disappeared on us before we knew what was happening!

It's that pesky 'Easter Egg Hunt' bar, you see! Yep, it's our *all-time bestselling* Swolesome bar...the stuff of Funder-fable!

All that said, no need to worry here as Maddie has worked day and night to get us one more epic Easter haul so we can do this overdue launch...and you know what they say about good things and waiting!! ;-) ya go!! Maddie has done a cracking job (haha...pun not intended!!) as per and we have not only the return of the legendary Easter Egg Hunt bar with its low sugar fondant Creme Egg centre atop real, baked protein brownie and all wrapped in creamy milk choc topped with smashed Mini Eggs, but also an all-new take on Carrot Cake with the vegan-friendly Hot Cross Bunny bar with its sweet, cinnamon-spiced centre infused with real Hot Cross Bun (!!), coated in white choc!

Joining these Easter FunderBars? Why...protein-packed, low sugar choccy eggs, of course! With a nod to Cadbury's finest, we have the milk choc 'Cream Egg' & the white choc 'Dream Egg' (and this one really, truly is creamy and dreeeaamy...just wait until you bite through that generous white choc half-shell and taste its fluffy fondant centre...there's even a yolk!!)

Swolesome's sensational seasonal goodies are available in our FunderBar 'FunderBundle' whilst stocks of these Limited Edition goodies last (sadly...won't be long!! We're hoping for one more delivery of Easter Egg Hunt bars, though!)

Happy Easter from Swolesome Foods and Protein Pick and Mix, folks!

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