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Today, smoking's going to save lives...

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One of the best scenes from the US Office is the fire alarm drill (Youtube it if you haven’t watched it!). Dwight, the self appointed fire marshall who takes his role wayyyy too seriously is unhappy that no one else is paying attention, so… he starts a real bin fire and blocks the exits (among other tricks).

He thinks everyone will just… follow the fire plan (he’s dropping all the hints). Of course, it doesn’t quite go that way…

  • It’s everyone for themselves
  • The snack machines are broken into
  • Equipment is thrown out of the window
  • People are trying to escape through the roof

Basically, everyone loses it! :D

It turns out that when things go nuts, plans don’t always get followed!

It sort of reminds me of how a load of fitness ‘gurus’ out there seem to be creating all kinds of fake fires with the latest training techniques or diets or the ‘mental’ side of it (how is it everyone’s some kinda psychologist now?)

Lots of smoke, but no real fire. It’s easy to go off the beaten track and try all the extreme weird programmes & diets no matter how stupid they may seem… but don’t, k?

When it all seems crazy, just go back to the basics that you know really do work before getting dragged into some random routine.

And if you’re looking for something else to help keep you on track? Here are some of our favourite Protein Pick & Mix basics bundles that are totally fireproof…

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Stay safe, make gains… and don’t smoke ;)


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