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​Today we celebrate our Independence...CAKE! 'Merica Labz patriotic Birthday Cake shake is here!

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​Today we celebrate our Independence...CAKE! 'Merica Labz patriotic Birthday Cake shake is here!

With broad stripes and bright stars (well, star-shaped 'Red, White and Blue' sprinkles, at least!) Merica Labz' much-anticipated, Independence Day special edition Patriot's Whey flavour - 'Independence Cake' - has finally exploded into the Mix in all its 'Merican, 'NEVER BIG ENOUGH' glory!

So, who's for a history lesson? Haha, waaiiiitt..don't bolt just yet!

Independence Day is far more than just an old alien movie starring the Fresh Prince (and the less said about the recent sequel the better)...it's a dearly held American holiday marking, essentially, the birth of a free, now 'United', States.

This is rather awkward, in this case, as the Revolution was against...tyrannical British colonial rule (sorry about that, guys!) and it seems almost inappropriate that we get to enjoy this epic, delicious, supremely celebratory protein shake now!! Fortunately, though, Doug Miller (CEO of 'Merica Labz and Core Nutritionals) is a pretty magnanimous dude and not one to hold a grudge...means we get to play too, and we're honoured (and all-too-excited!) to be able to welcome this MOST 'Merican of 'Merica Labz' patriotic products to the UK -- Independence Cake!!

In this bold blend not only will you enjoy a satisfyingly sweet, smooth vanilla base (and Doug's gone to great lengths to work in the true taste of cake frosting, too!!) but also, as mentioned above - this is a first in a protein shake for sure! - outrageously appropriate red, white and blue star sprinkles!! Beat THAT for a fun, creative twist!

A revolutionary Revolutionary's shake, Doug has managed to surprise us with his US-Awesome protein yet again!

Added bonus? With all of these Patriot's Whey shakes, we always say 'never big enough'...in fact, for the very first time, for those that find the 60-serve, 5lb tubs of Patriot's Whey a little *too* BIG? We have new 25-serve, 2lb tubs available, across all the amazing, cereal-stuffed, inclusion-filled flavours, too!


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