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Two 'Freshly Whipped' flavours of Optimum Nutrition's popular Whipped Bites

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Two 'Freshly Whipped' flavours of Optimum Nutrition's popular Whipped Bites

Well, well...look what Optimum Nutrition have 'whipped' up for us! *Two* _brand new_ flavours of their fabulously soft Whipped Bites!!

We told you there were a whole bunch of exciting new goodies arriving at the moment and, truth be told, there are more than even WE can keep up with!! Case in point? Optimum actually caught us by surprise with these!! Didn't stop us rushing them in quick as humanly possible, though!! ;)

For those of you who don't know Optimum's relatively new range of Protein Whipped Bites, they surprised and impressed us when they landed in their 3 original flavours - Chocolate (my fave!), Strawberries & CreamSalted Caramel - and they have remained very popular 'picks' in the Mix ever since.

Why so good? For our money, these were the first protein bars (coming in 2 generous, choc-coated, drizzled bites as they do) to *actually* pull off the light, fluffy texture promised by their 'whipped' name!

Haha...OK, OK, before you cake-connoisseurs yell at us, texture-wise we're still not quite at 'Kipling', but we would go so far as to call these something of a protein 'cake-style' bar game-changer; EASILY the closest bar in texture to a choc log or French Fancy, complete with chocolate coating AND drizzled icing.

Keeping the flavour standard high (we always found these ON versions much more elegantly flavoured than the very similar Nutramino Nutra-Go Cake Bars), we now have the pleasure of introducing you to...

Choc Orange! One for you Jaffa lovers! It's milk chocolatey, smooth and surprisingly subtle...our fave of the 2 flavours!)

Cookie Dough! Not too sweet with milk choc carrying the flavour, along with some very welcome choc protein crispies offsetting the soft texture of the bar's centre. Tastes closer to brownie batter than cookie dough to us but it alllll good!!!

20g protein, less than 2g sugar, 2 bites per pack...you can't go wrong! What are you waiting for? Optimum Nutrition's Low Sugar, High Protein Whipped Bites - in Chocolate Orange and Cookie Dough flavour - are In the Mix now!!

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