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(Oatmeal Cookie) Pie in the Face?! Whoopee! Yes, please...provided it's made by FinaFlex, that is!

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(Oatmeal Cookie) Pie in the Face?! Whoopee! Yes, please...provided it's made by FinaFlex, that is!

FINAFLEX, anyone? No?! Me neither. This side of the Atlantic, FINAFLEX is, sadly, little known...but, after a couple of bites of the jumbo sandwich (yes, I said SANDWICH) cookie I just opened? I'm thinking we need to get familiar with them pretty fast!

So, introducing something wonderfully different here...a sensational snack its creators have dubbed an 'Oatmeal Protein Pie'!!

It's a good shout to say that any snack with 'Pie' proudly emblazoned on its packaging - and cookies evidently involved - is going to get our prompt attention, and i'm so relieved to report that the flurry of fuss we made when we found out this one was up for grabs has been...enthusiastically vindicated!!

Curiously named though it may be, what we have here turns out to be a pair of all-natural, incredibly soft, fresh & moist (almost half-baked!!) oatmeal cookies (yes, packed with real jumbo oats & cinnamon!) gloriously glued together with a marshmallow-style protein creme (don't be put off if you don't like marshmallow...in taste and texture it comes across far closer to Betty Crocker Buttercream icing to me! And it's veggie-friendly!)

[mic drop]

The combination of flavour, texture and experience here - it's authentic, chewy, sweet & satisfying - really is a match made in (cookie) heaven. And, please, just try zapping one of these for 5/10 secs in the microwave (hnnhmmnnn )...all I can say is well played, FinaFlex! NOW you have our attention!!

How is this unexpectedly awesome protein double-decker a 'pie'? Well, there's a clear nod to many a traditional 'cobbler' style US dessert here (just a scoop of vanilla ice cream missing...in fact, that would be UNREAL alongside a warmed one of these!! DO IT, folks. DOOOO IT!) but...you've kinda got a *Whoopie Pie* here!

And the stats ain't half bad, either! Gluten-free (we weren't expecting that!), 14g protein and low sugar (given what it is!) and barely a hair over 300kcals!

'Pick' an Oatmeal Protein Cookie Pie in the Mix today...thank us later!

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