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#V2SZN begins! Ghost PUMP V2 available now!

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#V2SZN begins! Ghost PUMP V2 available now!

Throwback to Summer 2018 when OG Ghost PUMP first dropped to much fanfare...quickly hailed as the stim-free G.O.A.T

Right now, kicking of #V2SZN this side of the Atlantic with this, the first UK launch of the series, we're 'pumped' to be able to introduce you to the new... PUMP V2! Offering *extra* LEGENDARY creds and *even more* PUMP, and you know what say, folks...⁠


Yep!! It's back and, somehow, GHOST guys have managed to make it even better!

Rocking the usual full disclosure 'what you see is what you get' promise, the pump-fuelling Nitric Oxide has been tuned and turned up to 11, packing higher dosages of the tried and tested vasodilatory good stuff, as well as a couple of nifty newbies to make this killer creation ever-more potent! 

What's new? PureWay-C, topping the Vitamin C efficacy charts, delivers superior bioavailability and absorption working in synergy with Setria® L-Glutathione, shown to support nitric-oxide production and sustain those all-important-for-pump nitric oxide levels (especially when combined with L-Citrulline!⁠!)⁠

A great choice for you guys already getting your stims elsewhere (...from GHOST Legend, of course!) or those who hit the gym late and are fond of sleeping after! Not only does V2 deliver ALL of the above but it's also still #veganfriendly and sugarfree! ⁠
Oh, and the best part? Even more flavours!!! 4 varieties are up for grabs from the off, including both old school and fresh GHOST signature flavours we all know and love... the OG collab Warheads® Sour Watermelon, through to Pineapple (returning to PUMP at last!!), and new fan-favourite Peach. And for those of you 'stacking'? New 'Natty' offers a flexible unflavoured experience!

Cool, huh? And V2 SZN is only jus kicking of, folks! A killer Ghost Lifestyle year awaits! 

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