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We're lovin' Lexi's CEREAL-ously tasty Protein Crispy Bars!

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We're lovin' Lexi's CEREAL-ously tasty Protein Crispy Bars!

The sun is shining the weather is sweeet! The weather isn't the ONLY sweet thing going on in the Mix though, folks! Introducing the cereal-ously good...Lexi's Protein Crispy Bars!

⁠Hot off the press and STRAIGHT into the Mix, these MAD tasty protein cereal treat bars are EVERYTHING you want from crispy-crunchy to sweet 'n soft!

Meet Blueberry Bliss - a bar with REAL dried blueberry pieces think OG Garibaldi biscuit got JACK'd! Thiiiicker, with MORE texture from rolled oats to protein-crispies and a caramel-like fudge welding alllll the treats together... Rice Krispie bars eat your heart out! This is without even touching on the lashings of tasty vanilla-sweet fondant sealing the deal!⁠

More of a chocolate lover?! No worries, those insatiable choccy cravings happen to the best of us! With the same set-up as the fruity little number above BUT swap blueberry pieces with choccy chips, replace yoghurt-like sweet, sweet fondant with rich, dreaamy milky smooth chocolate drizzle, then dunked bottom down in MORE chocolate, coating the ENTIRE length and width whilst leaving exposed the drizzled and 'choccy chip'd' top!

...all this, and still PACKED with 10g of plant-based protein! Only 150-155kcals and bonus points for ALSO being gluten, nut, artificial colour and preservative free... SUPER cereal wizardry

Fear not that 'plant-based' promise (you'd NEVER know!!)...leave the expectation at the door, delivery of ONLY awesome taste and the macro's of a true guilt-free treat! (vegan or otherwise!!)⁠

Welcome to the Mix, Lexi's Treats (and Lexi!!)

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