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We're makin' Banana Pancakes with the guys at GHOST...and this one's for you VEGANs!

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We're makin' Banana Pancakes with the guys at GHOST...and this one's for you VEGANs!

Think you're all done for Christmas...wellllll don't make like a banana and split *just* yet, folks!! :D Feelin' fruity this festive season? Then this one's for you!!⁠

Joining their existing pair of plant-based protein shakes - the much-loved Peanut Butter Cereal Milk and Pancake Batter - we now have the unique-sounding Banana Pancake Batter VEGAN. What more suitable way to get STACKED this Christmas and make aaallll the #VeGainz?!

Far from your everyday dairy-free flavour (GHOST Lifestyle *do* like to 'shake things up' and do the unexpected, after all), what does Banana Pancake Batter taste like? Built upon the same flexible base as their sweet, biscuitty, subtly-spiced Pancake Batter, this new shake introduces you to rich, deep and bold ripe banana flavour, perfectly complimenting the Batter's maple overtones.

⁠Banana + Maple + the almost toasted-tasting heartiness of the trademark, fully-disclosed GHOST Vegan Pea/Pumpkin/Watermelon Seed protein blend? Yep, absolutely worth going 'BANANAS' for, and surely another huge hit from the guys at GHOST!


⁠As always with GHOST, flavour is front-of-mind when formulating their products - and we LOVE the authentic breakfasty Banana Maple French Toast vibes here (especially impressive given it's a plant-based product!!) - but don't forget experience and ingredients get much TLC too; GHOST Vegan is soy free, gluten-free, low sugar, mixes smoothly first-time, every time and, of course, NO veggie spiking!!⁠

Not the *most* festive flavour here, it's true (autumnal maple vibes aside), but one that can get us thinking 'summer' and it's fair to say that we'd rather be laying on a beach chilling to Jack Johnson tunes and sipping a fruit-y beverage  than suffering endless downpours in the UK right now!

Available in the Mix and all our GHOST stacks (supps not pancakes in this case!!) right now!!⁠

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