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Whaaat a 'PER4Mnce', Per4m's sweet-treat themed Protein hits the Mix!

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Whaaat a 'PER4Mnce', Per4m's sweet-treat themed Protein hits the Mix!

Per4m have got the POWER! The power to turn your favourite cakes and snacks into delicious sweet-treat themed Whey Protein Powders! 

⁠With flavours like CARROT CAKE (!) White Chocolate Hazelnut (read - Bueno!! Folks are going CRAZY for this one!), Chocotella, Cinnamon Donut, hopes were raised and JUST like England’s ‘Per4mnce’ in the football… these flavours SMASHED it out the park in the Pick & Mix taste tests!⁠

Carrot Cake being our flavour of choice and what 'turned our heads' #loveislandisback! Meet delicious cinnamon spice marrying itself to the traditional frosting flavour you want from a fresh-baked carrot cake - #smashedit

We could run through ALLLL the flavours, but we've banged on for long enough folks, looking for a brand new shake, post-workout pick me up or a protein worthy of the best tasting 'proats' around...then get stuck in you've got quite a few flavours to get through!

We kicked things off with the classic 30 serves but, folks, it seemed you wanted M O R E, so we even picked up some of the monster 67+ serve tubs for the Mix, too!! Because MORE is always more, and you can never have too much of a good thing!

Yes, we know... ANOTHER new protein powder line-up in the Mix! When it rains it pours!! Up until the last couple of weeks it’s been a hot minute up since just about ANY protein to grace us with it’s presence and now…they're coming in thiiiiiiic (like these tasty Per4m shakes) and fast! We're coming to the party a little late on these but, with flavours THIS sexy and price you just can't say no too... yep, Per4m better shakes are most certainly worthy of a spot on our pink, stripy shelves!!

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