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What the FUDGE?! Cadbury's meets cRuNCh in Barebells' latest low sugar bar

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What the FUDGE?! Cadbury's meets cRuNCh in Barebells' latest low sugar bar

It's probably fair to say that during this corona-crisis (STILL keenly felt here in the UK as we're looking at another 3 weeks holed-up in the home!) new product launches have been slightly fewer and farther between...but that's not to say brands around the world aren't still dropping some sensational supps & snacks and, this in mind, we have a Barebells BOMBSHELL launching...right now!!⁠

⁠Folks, it's time to say hellooooo to...Barebells Crunchy Fudge!!

Following in the flavourful footsteps of Barebells' Dark Choc Mint (which also made the leap to a permanent part of the Barebells roster from a limited edition festive flavour...this bar started life as 'Xmas Fudge' released, frustratingly, only in Scandinavia last Christmas), Crunchy Fudge totally lives up to its new name and is very worthy of its sophisticated-looking, regal blue/gold new digs!⁠

⁠Staying faithful to the well-received formula in its original seasonal outing, have we got 'fudge'? In abundance!! Not only does it benefit from that distinctive soft, fudge-like Barebells bar centre but, unique to this flavour, an especially buttery, creamy (almost coconutty!) fondant layer has been added!! This sweet but subtly flavoured spread combined with the smooth milk chocolate coating? Well, you could call it a lazy comparison but...it tastes just like a Cadbury's Fudge!! Haha...go figure, right?!⁠

⁠Where does the 'crunch' come in? Whilst we'd have probably shot for some biscuitty inclusions, we can see why Barebells stuck to their guns and didn't want to risk undermining the full-on 'none-more-Fudgey' experience of the bar's core. What we have here? Crunchy candy confetti!! Again, know their Dark Choc Mint bar? A bit like that! Haha...just as messy but... well...CruNChiER! You'll have some fun with them for sure!⁠

⁠Crunchy Fudge joins the rest of the high protein, low sugar bestselling Barebells bar lineup in the Mix...available by the single snack or, of course, in our ever-popular 'Barebells Brigade' Pick'n Mix 12x bar bundle!⁠

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