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White Choc Almond Barebells Bar FINALLY available!

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White Choc Almond Barebells Bar FINALLY available!

Woo!! Can't say how happy we are that the wait is FINALLY over and can officially announce that we have the new White Choc Almond Barebells bars in the Mix (haha...as long as stock lasts, that is! Launch stock is going fast!!)

If you've not heard about this new, low-sugar, white choc-coated Barebells bar guys, where have you been?! The most popular range of bars in the Mix (yep, even the mightly Grenade have fallen back under the Swedish Barebells assault!) had a White Choc Almond flavour announced (and, frustratingly, widely available in Sweden) MONTHS ago and, aside from a frenzied few days to grab them at BodyPower Expo back in May...they've been ellusive here in the UK.

A soft, subtly-almondy, chocolatey core (complete with delicate choc protein crisps!), all coated in creamy white chocolate, studded with real almond slivers and chunks...20g protein, less than 2g sugar, 200kcals. Ooohhhh. Takes some beating!

Sweet but not TOO sweet, plenty of texture from the almonds and the protein crispies, and just enough authentic almond flavour to nudge it towards marzipan territory...It's little wonder all of us have been so keen to get our hands on (and our teeth into) this one!!

Being available on the continent these past few months has made this new flavour - joining Cookies & Cream, Choco Coconut, Salty Peanut and the bestselling Caramel Cashew - tantalizing near yet so far! We're so excited that the wait's over and we can launch!!

New White Choc Almond - in it's sexy, distinctive, blingy white/gold wrapper - is available in the Mix and in our Barebells 'Barebells Brigade' PicknMix bundle, whilst stocks last, now!

This flavour's right up there, folks...totally worth the wait!! You're going to need to try this soon!

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