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White Chocolate meets Marshmallows with an Oreo crunch? We'll 'toast' to that!

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White Chocolate meets Marshmallows with an Oreo crunch? We'll 'toast' to that!

The new (toasted!!) hotness this humpday? The perfect protein-packed snack to fuel us carb-conscious connoisseurs as we do BATTLE with the Coronavirus! None other than the latest - possibly greatest - Battle Snacks flavour... White Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow!!

Robustly answering the question, 'how on earth do you top a Caramel Pretzel, a Mississippi Mud Pie and a Frosted Carrot Cake?!!', the latest bar (well...pair of bites, more like. We've always loved how these come in the form of two willpower-friendly, shareable chocolate coated chunks per gorgeous pack!) more than meets the high expectations dictated by past Battle Snacks triumphs, raising the bar still higher in terms of true guilt-free low sugar decadence and overall sex appeal!!

Creamy white chocolate...real, fluffy marshmallows...chocolate cookie-crispies
...I meaaaan...just LOOK at these beauties!!

It gets better, folks; never fear...beauty isn't just skin deep here!! All the wonderful white chocolate and those marvellous marshmallows adorn a trademark-soft sweet vanilla centre complete with chocolate cookie crunchies and topped with low sugar caramel...all in all, with the mix of textures and treat-like taste involved, a ridiculously fun and near-unique on-the-go snack-sation!

Aaaannd, of course, White Choc Toasted Marshmallow delivers the goods macro-wise, too! 20g protein, just 3g sugar, a mere smidge over 200kcals (and this is for BOTH bites...you don't *need* to share!!) We'll toast to that!!

Available in the Mix and shipping out right now...single bars, whole boxes, alongside its similarly stunning siblings in our popular Battle Snacks 'Bite Me' 12x Bar Pick & Mix bundle...choice is yours, folks!! Every which way this is a 'battle' that'll only end in victory!

Another battle we're going to win? The battle against this virus!! Again, stay strong and, for a little while longer, #StayHome, guys! A battle, more immediately, we *may* lose...the one to stop ourselves smashing 213435324 Easter Eggs this weekend!! :D

On all fronts...good luck out there!

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