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Yum Nuts Birthday Cake Butter, FINAL BATCH!

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Yum Nuts Birthday Cake Butter, FINAL BATCH!

We're thinking most of you will have heard the terrible, devastating news by now...yes, the inimitable and irresistible Yum Nuts have shut their doors and hung up their blenders.

We're hoping this isn't a permanent goodbye (more like an 'until next time'!) but, for now, Ash is off on a new adventure overseas, leaving us with fond memories and empty jars....woe is peanut!

BUT...hang on!! Don't despair QUITE yet! The Yum Nuts flame still proudly burns in the Mix!!

Although he may be dearly departed at the moment, Ash, gent that he isn't, wasn't going to leave us nut butter lovers *totally* without our 'yummy' fix!! Hardly!!

Believe us when we say that he blended right down to the wire to get us all one final (epic!) delivery of his hand-blended faves! And, most excitingly, one final 'Flavour of the Month' special (I'm sure you're with us in loving these every month!!)

After much deliberation, we decided the best bet for this last hurrah? Our all-time bestselling Flavour of the Month...that's right!! None other than...WHITE CHOC BIRTHDAY CAKE!

White Choc Birthday Cake was our biggest single Flavour of the Month order with Yum Nuts (we knew it was that good!!) and also the fastest to sell out!! Creamy white choc lovingly blended into Ash's signature all-natural (moreishly salty and thick-set) peanut butter PLUS marshmallows PLUS sprinkles PLUS a cheeky smattering of popping candy!

Ash went all-in on this butter to celebrate Yum Nuts turning 1...in a way, it seems oddly fitting for it to give Yum Nuts the bitter-sweet send-off it deserves!

The exclusively re-blended final batch of White Choc Birthday is in the Mix now and selling FAST! Stop by soon and grab a jar (or 3, in our 'Yum, yum, Yum Nuts' bundle!)...when this and the other flavours are gone? They're REALLY gone!

Ash...hope you're having fun out there! Fish & Chips, private gyms, strangely nice weather and all!! So long and thanks for all the calories!!

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