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Yum Nuts have taken the Milky Bar... and put it in the jar!

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Yum Nuts have taken the Milky Bar... and put it in the jar!

...it's that time of the month again, (Milky Bar) kids!!

Yum Nuts are back with ANOTHER *Limited Edition* jar of peanut butter paradise and, after a thoroughly milk chocolate affair last month (July's especially fudgy Choc Fudge!), it's back to, in my humble opinion, Ash's forte - White Chocolate - with (the equally epic) White Chocolate Milky Button!!!

Ash's famous, all-natural, hand-blended peanut butter infused with a quite ridiculous amounts of white chocolate and, yep, clue's in the name, folks...MILKY BUTTONS (!!!!) August's Flavour of the Month is an eaaaasy crowd-pleaser! Fun, sweet, rich, comforting,...addictive.

You just can't beat a classic, and creamy Milky Bar (amidst creamy peanut butter) is a devastatingly effective combo, sure to make our taste-buds rejoice and our macros mourn...SO worth it, though!

Haha...I know we say it damn near every time, but this is another #musttry, guys!!!

New White Choc Milky Button is available in the Mix right now, and available at an irresistible price in our Yum, Yum, Yum Nuts Pick&Mix trio bundle alongside its similarly irresistible siblings!

Limited Edition, remember....don't miss your chance to grab a jar whilst we have 'em!!

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