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Yummy Sports *Limited Edition* Seasonal Flavours (at last!) Available!

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Yummy Sports *Limited Edition* Seasonal Flavours (at last!) Available!

So NOW we know where 'Blue' Monday comes from!! If today is anything to go by, it's when it's so cold your extremities turn BLUE!!

Haha, ok, ok...that's *probably* not where the name of this malign day comes from but, hey, we've been looking for a bit of an excuse to belatedly introduce you to the trio of mini seasonal special flavours from Yummy Sports and, full disclosure, we totally forgot to prep something suitably blue-tinged yet uplifting to post today. :D

Anyway, yep, it's SUPER cold, so something just a little festive seemed justifiable, and these little bags are veeeery cute and colourful (and Milli snuck some extremely cheerful gingerbread men in the pic!) so hopefully good for injecting just a little (yummy) joy into your newsfeed today!

So, sadly not in in time for Christmas, but check out Yummy Sports *limited edition* seasonal flavours, available in the Mix now... GingerbreadChoco Candy Cane and the, well, very mysterious 'MYSTERIOUS' flavour!!

Gingerbread? As you'd expect, the typically sweet Yummy Sports experience, with a flavour more ginger pudding than ginger snap (it's not fiery and fierce!) .

Choco Candy Cane? Creamy choc milk + a hint of mint. Peppermint bark-stylee

Mysterious flavour?! Haha...well, we were going to surprise you guys with this one, but Yummy Sports HAVE actually announced what it is...Fruity Hoops! Festive? Not really, but it's pretty tasty, light and refreshing and gets a thumbs up from us!!

All 3 flavours are available in limited quantities (when they're gone they're gone!) and, for now, ONLY in gorgeous, diddy, 5 serving packs!

Unfortunately, these little packs are a little too jam-packed to fit a 30g scoop in, but any scoop you have handy/by eye/by scales will defo work!! Definitely worth the inconvenience to try these awesome flavours...it's just a shame they're not available in 1kg bags, too (edit: although they tell us they may well be soon!!! Watch this space!)

No scoop but still the same amazing nutritionals on this Canadian 100% isolate whey...naturally sweetened (with stevia! Not that you'd know...nothing too bitter going on here!), gluten-free and no sugar!!

Thanks for reading, folks! Hope you've had a less-than-blue day!!

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