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#NotGuilty, your honour! Enjoy none of the calories but all of the flavour in Skinny Food Co Syrups!

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#NotGuilty, your honour! Enjoy none of the calories but all of the flavour in Skinny Food Co Syrups!

Whilst the enjoyment of tasty treats and hearty festive fare at this time of year is absolutely NOT something anyone should feel guilty about - unless you're that one heinous individual who selfishly snatches all the Maltesers out of the Celebrations tub! - an opportunity to appropriately (over)indulge that sweet-tooth without *totally* embracing diabetes is very welcome...and especially when we're talking things that taste THIS good!!

With #NotGuilty firmly in mind, meet...Skinny Food Co!

Skinny Food Co offer a burgeoning range of utterly delicious, totally #guiltfree, low-or-no-sugar syrups, sauces, spreads and mixes (and, soon, snacks, too!!) catering to every taste and even the most restrictive of calorie-controlled diets...it's kinda amazing, really!

You may have spotted we already have a pretty impressive range of low/no calorie syrups, spreads, dips and more in the Mix...why another range here? And why now? Well, aside from these guys being home-grown and amazingly ambitious in their sugar wise mission, we'd always loved the look of the brand but, embarrassingly, hadn't found the time to actually TRY the range. More fool us!! One taste of the new Ltd Edition Gingerbread syrup? And the new Low Sugar 'Chocoholic' Hazelnut spread? SOLD!!

From the seasonal White Choc, #Gingerbread and Mince Pie (which actually DOES taste like mince pie!!) through to classic pancake/proats-y faves like Salted Caramel, Maple and Chocolate, their syrups marry perfect viscosity (important, that! Thick but not TOO thick!) and bold flavour without calorie consequence! #Vegan + #GlutenFree, too!

And the choc hazelnut spread? As spoonable as it is spreadable, these cute, affordable little pots of choccy joy will blow you away!

The full range of Skinny Food Co Syrups and the new Choc spread are available in the Mix now...grab those seasonal Ltd Edition flavours whilst you can!

...and look out for their savoury sauces in the Mix in the new year!

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