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Post Comp

Congrats!! You did it, you survived competition prep!! But now comes the real challenge, resisting the temptation to binge on everything in sight! Here at the mix we are here to help and make sure you can still have that treat you have been craving all competition prep, but without ruining your post competition diet. 

Now, if you have been craving chocolate all prep we have most certainly got you covered. Why not try one of our not so naughty protein bars from Snickers, Mars, Bounty, Milky Way or Yorkie. Your same old chocolate bars, but jam packed with protein!! Or if you just want a straight up bar of chocolate, why not check out Professor Protein, hes conjured up quite the chocolate protein formula.

Here at the mix we have quite the selection of treats, Jim Buddy Donuts,  MyMuscleMug Cakes, Cookie Madness Cookies, Protein Pantry Homemade protein bars. Whatever you have been craving, I'm sure we can help here at the mix! 

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