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The Jim Buddy 'TENacious D(onut)' Bundle

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The Jim Buddy 'TENacious D(onut)' Bundle
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Meet your new best Buddy! All-new Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts are fresh-baked and fresh-in the Mix!

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The Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts 'TENacious D(onut)' 10x Donut Bundle

Been searching all your life for a truly guilt-free, fresh-baked protein donut but have been left jaded, frustrated, empty-handed and long-faced? DO-Nut worry! Our good friend, Jim Buddy, has got your back!

Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts (or 'Pronuts', if you will!) deliver a selection of unique takes on delicious, classic flavours, delivered entirely guilt-free, now perfected in the Jim Buddy USA Bakery by Jim's own burly hands!

All Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts marry a classic soft, cakey and moist ring-donut with lovingly crafted sweet, irresistible flavours and, even better, and made only with carefully selected premium, 'hole'-food (geddit?!) ingredients, coming in scarily justifiable at 160kcals or less, 6g sugar or less (compare THAT ato a Krispy Kreme!) and up to 14g protein!!

Thanks to Jim we really can have our cake (well, donut!!) and eat it, too...high protein, low calorie and all without sacrificing the taste or texture of a heavenly handmade, fresh-baked donut!

New Donuts from Jim Buddy's USA. Aka. 'BUDDY is back!'

The latest & greatest Jim Buddy's incarnation, fresh in from the USA, puts Jim Buddy's protein donuts right back on the menu, bringing a gorgeous new look - new packs, new boxes, the works!! - and totally revamped, rich, unique flavours in an authentic, soft-baked doughy donut experience. Yep, as you'll notice, Jim's finest now come in slightly higher calorie than before - and the icing is no more (RIP!) - but each delicious, sweet, cake-style donut is still tantalisingly 'macro-friendly', with less than 6g sugar per donut and up to 14g protein for 160kcals or less (!!!) And, as always, made with love, care and carefully selected premium, real-food ingredients!

Get yourself a Jim Buddy selection at The Protein Pick and Mix today! Whether you want to enjoy a mix of the growing range of authentic flavours or load up on your fave, mix and match your very own bundle of delicious protein donuts today!!

Grab a bit of whatever you fancy...the choice is, literally, yours!

Jim Buddy Protein Doughnuts

This 'mix' includes...

The Jim Buddy 10x Doughnut 'TENacious D-onut' Stack:

Just customise your very own 10x Donuts by selecting from the flavours in the panels above, and add to your bag!

Low Sugar: