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The PES 'Before & After' Bundle

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Gluten Free
Lucky Dip

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The PES 'Before & After' Bundle
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The PES 'Before & After' Stack - Select Protein (2lb, 27 Servings) + Prolific (Stim) Pre-Workout/High Volume (Stim-Free) Pump Pre-Workout

Soo...we all have our very own training stacks, brands that we love, tried and tested we know we can trust, ones we've used since the beginning...they always seem to be running low around the same time right?! We order and figure...well I need that too...your staple before and after pre-workout and post-workout protein!

PEScience have it all...from Vitamins, sleep-aids, pre-workouts, intra-workouts and post-workout proteins alongside everything in-between!! Created with scientifically backed formulations in mind, this and the fact each and every ingredient added is entirely necessary! With flavour systems to rival most...with all this in mind we have decided to bundle a few of the must haves from now you guys can get your pre-workout and your post-workout protein for an even more awesome price!! Saving you around 10% when bundled together!!

So why do we need both?! WELL we all need that pre-workout boost to get us in the mood for training and with a complex of two caffeine varieties -whilst not dosed super high, it doesn't need to be because the way this stuff is formulated!! Meaning the two varieties of caffeine PLUS the other ingredients (which we'll get on to) REALLY seems to do the trick!! No over-dosing on the caffeine leading to crashes, jitters etc, just perfect clean performance focused energy!! Prolific also provides ultimate focus, energy AND pump too! Prolific is formed based upon 'Mind Muscle Connection' based on NOT being a one trip-pony, NOT the pre-workout you use and by the end of the tub you're considering whether there is ANY point in taking it, instead from first scoop to last you feel the full effects each and every time!! Prolific is designed not only to give you a burst of energy and an awesome pump - it's created with your actual workout in mind!! Designed with the idea of EVERY cylinder being fired mind, muscle, body marrying together to enhance your workout!!


As for protein?! Why do we need protein?! Well protein holds vital nutrients we need to ensure our bodies are performing at their best! Protein is needed for optimal muscle recovery...when pushing ourselves through a gruelling workout we are breaking muscle fibres that need repairing so they can grow back bigger and stronger...this is EXACTLY what protein does for us!! We can replenish muscles stores so they can gain strength, recover and grow! When considering this PES Select Protein is an awesome choice...formulated with a blend of protein sources...whey Isolate, concentrate AND casein...each sourceworks together in a synergistic manner to build lean muscle more effectively than one or the other alone!!

So here it is, folks....the PES 'Before & After Stack'...the perfect bundle to ensure you guys have all you need to help your training!! Whether it's in the gym, on the rugby pitch, in the swimming pool...we ALL need a little pre-game pick me up + Protein!!


This 'mix' includes...


Gluten Free:
Lucky Dip: