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A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the G-Fuel team, whilst seeking out the answer to life, the universe and everything, discovered something sweet and full of 'game' particles and they thought it to be...⁠
...juuuust Grrrrrrrrrape!

The latest lag-busting intergalactic sensation from G-Fuel team is packed full of classic, juicy, mouth-watering grape flavour, the perfect space food-style supply as you traverse time, space and stargates in your own online oasis!

Sugar-free as ever and with just 15 calories per serving, there's no need to worry about gravity with Galaxy Grape - fight aliens with powerful antioxidants and focus on The Mission with the power of deep space flavour...it's time for lift off!⁠

(...and who wants to leave all the fun to NASA right now, huh? They can keep Mars...we're boldly going BEYOND!

Looking to sip on G-Fuel until infinity? We got a Deathstar-sized re-up teleported into the Mix...shakers and nearly all flavours are back in now!! 

Live long and drink energy!

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