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Cakes we CAN eat... it's a MIRACLE (Cake Bar)!

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Cakes we CAN eat... it's a MIRACLE (Cake Bar)!

It's a MIRACLE! Or should that perhaps be a Second Coming?!

Yep, the reverent hushed whispers are TRUE...soft, squidgy, calorie-defying Lo-Dough *Miracle* Cake bars are back!! Freshly out the oven ready for your cake-lovin' lips!!⁠

Y'all loved 'em first time round in their too-good-to-be-true chocolate loaded glory and, whilst they were a HUGE hit  in the Mix, the guys at Lo-Dough are clearly never finished 'reinventing tasty'; they went right back in the development kitchen taking these luxurious layered baked bars to the NEXT level... and we're not just talking a NEW recipe, but NEW flavours too!

Lemon Drizzle is a zingy sweet lemon-infused layered cake bar featuring a seriously generous filling of smooth lemon curd-like fondant a-top a timeless, classic moist lemon sponge and wrapped in low-sugar white chocolate - watch out Mr Kipling!! These give your Lemon Slices a run for their money!

Caramel Crunch with a touch of chocaholic excess more your thang?! Nothing satisfies that sweet-tooth like a fresh fudgy brownie and, with the all-new addition of chocolate crispies and a thiiiic, almost 'whipped' caramel fondant delivering an authentic mini-roll vibe! Rich chocolate, sweet buttery caramel and a dark chocolate outer coating...naughty (but Lo-Dough so...not!!)

Sweet, substantial, satisfying and generously coated, both bars come in at under 150kcals (!!!) and less than 2g sugar each!

Prepped, packed and ready to eat, just unwrap the gorgeous Golden Ticket-style wrapper and unveil that droolworthy prize each and every time!!! Sitting amongst our most calorie-friendly tasty treats, you'll not want to hesitate getting stuck in, wherever you might be! 

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