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Choc Hazelnut 'fits' right in to the MisFits Plant-Based Protein Bar range!

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Choc Hazelnut 'fits' right in to the MisFits Plant-Based Protein Bar range!

Typical, huh? The first SUNday of the year to be truly deserving of its name aaaannndd...we can't fully make the most of it! So near yet so far! But, hey, let's hope it symbolises a much welcome 'change in the weather' (in more ways than one) and gives us a little taste of the gorgeous Summer we may yet be free to enjoy - with renewed appreciation!! - if we hunker down and #StayHome over the next few weeks!⁠

⁠...it is enough to drive one kinda NUTS, though.⁠

⁠And on that, following hot on the heels of their super tasty Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Orange triple-layered plant-based bars, Misfits Chocolate Hazelnut vegan protein bars have arrived!!

We said it the last time we introduced these decadent, guilt-free bars to you guys and we'll say it again...vegan bars have never had more #foodporn appeal!!⁠

⁠You can look forward to an awesome, soft texture and that generous, unMIStakable caramel layer (this is the real gamechanger when it comes to dairy-free protein snacks!!) as always but, this time, packed with hazelnutty, Rocher-style pieces, too!

⁠And packing 15g protein and less than 1g sugar?! Misfits Nutrition have delivered nutty, nutella #VeGAINZ at their best!

Want to try this amazing new flavour alongside its sensational older siblings? Don't miss the 'UnMIS-sable Misfits Bar Bundle' in the Mix!!! Pick up a 12 bar selection of these glorious plant-based nut-studded dream bars today!

⁠Right!! Now back to trying to catch a tan through the window! Take care out there, folks!!!⁠

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