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Classic Snickers bite with an all-new CRISP crunch!

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Classic Snickers bite with an all-new CRISP crunch!

Look what WE just got!! Yep, the latest wunder-bar from Mars™ has arrived!

They've done it before and they're only gone and done it again (kudos, Protein by Mars! You're the only classic confectionery company consistently committed to releasing tasty functional foods!!) this time further levelling-up with another Snickers Hi-Protein hybrid... the Snickers Hi-Protein Crisp bar!

Word on the street is 'you aren't you when you're hungry!' but, with all the timeless Snickers substance *plus* a little 'snap, crackle and pop' courtesy of some cheeky additional protein crispies, this one's SURE to keep hunger at bay whilst satisfying the sweetest of sweet-tooths!⁠

Rocking a seriously irresistible cross-section, this eye-catching bar offers a luscious caramel layer (complete with those new crunchy crispies!!!) a-top real roasted peanuts and the classic, satisfying nougat centre and all dunked in Mars' signature milk chocolate!!

If it ain't broke, folks... 20g protein, impressively lower sugar and aaaaalll that peanut/caramel/chocolate goodness we come to expect from that full-on 'turn up the taste' Snickers experience but, this time, fortified with some extra, fun crunchy texture. Well... you can't miss, really!

Pick up your favourite fun-tastic Mars Hi-Protein creations in our Mars 'Celebrate the Gainz' Mix today, Snickers Crisp included, or pop a single bar into your next Mix... must-try Snickers Criiiiiispy indulgent greatness inbound!!⁠

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