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First the Shake...now the BAR! White Choc Protein Snickers is here!

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First the Shake...now the BAR! White Choc Protein Snickers is here!

Hey HO... it's a WHITE CHOCOLATE Protein Snickers Bar⁠... SORRY, what?!⁠

That's right, folks...with ALREADY enough excitement for the launch of the White Chocolate Snickers Whey Protein a mere two weeks ago, we were waiting with baited breath as we knew what was to follow!⁠

Turning up our taste-orientated excitement levels once more, the White Chocolate Snickers Hi-Protein Bar has FINALLY arrived and, fittingly, they arrived just in time for Valentine's Day!!

Wonderfully coated in decadent, delicious white chocolate these gainz-fuelling, hunger-defeating candy-style bars are CRAMMED with hefty chunks of real peanut embedded in a thiiiiick layer of caramel atop the classic Hi-Protein Snickers nougat protein-packed base...and all with an impressive 20g protein and less than 10g sugar (OK, this *is* a white chocolate Snickers bar, after-all!! 3g sugar might have been a bit unrealistic!)⁠

..yep, these tasty bars by protein by mars themselves hold their own against the heavyweights of the protein bar world...forever turning up the taste! Mars have certainly levelled-up their functional snack game! still further!!

⁠Speaking of Mars, if you've left off trying their collection until now (where have you been?!), with various versions and flavours galore, all the way through from Salted Caramel Mars Bars to Snickers Peanut Butter Hi-Protein bars, Bounty Flapjacks and, now, this WHITE CHOCOLATE Snickers Hi-Protein...there's never been a better time to get in on the action!⁠

For the new White Choc Bar here? If you're Snickers lover, classic milk choc or otherwise? Just can't get enough of that uber-satisfying choc + peanut + caramel combo? Well, you're going to go NUTS for this one!

Grab some hype-worthy guilt-free indulgence today!⁠

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