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Fudgy and delicious...Grenade Carb Killa Brownie has landed!

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Fudgy and delicious...Grenade Carb Killa Brownie has landed!

Well look what we have here!! After what seems like FOREVER waiting for a sexy and exciting new Carb Killa bar flavour (it's not just us...it has been a while, right?!), Grenade have surprised us all with an even sexier and more exciting CHOCOLATE BROWNIE!

Yep, no kidding, an actual, honest-to-goodness Grenade Carb Killa Brownie, complete with fudgy chocolate layers and generous walnut chunks and, of course, some 'killa' macros!

Kicking off in classic Fudge Brownie flavour, this heavenly new guilt-free snack offers true triple-layer indulgence at only 2g sugar (!!) - beat THAT in a brownie!! - and, added bonus, a hefty 15g protein! Good hit of fibre in there too, in case that matters to you, and all for an amazing 220kcals!

Given how unbelievably dense, satisfying and indulgent this latest Grenade creation is? 220kcals and 2g sugar is AMAZING!! Grenade? You've done it again...trust you guys to 'bring the Brownie back'!

Grenade Carb Killa Fudge Brownie is available in the Mix NOW!! Stop by the Mix and treat yourself whilst we have 'em (we wouldn't be too surprised if the Grenade scarcity of last year kicks back in here and folks are sure to go WILD for these!!)...and you'll find they're even available in our super-popular Grenade 'Fully Loaded' Pick 'n Mix bundle too!!

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