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Give your gaming a SUPER DUPER boost!!

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Give your gaming a SUPER DUPER boost!!

Gaining super skills requires 'Super' refreshments! Chug on Super Duper Gaming Energy for a serious mental focus update and an upgrade in reaction speed!

⁠Super Duper Gaming Energy takes us back to the golden age of gaming and all the crazy colours, mad flavours, arcades and Nintendo classics... transport your taste buds and level-up your base stats with this retro, sugar-free energy formula!⁠

⁠Available in 4 flavours, each blend combines a powerful, sugar-free, nootropic & caffeine blend! ⁠

⁠'Pick' your flavour:⁠

⁠Freeze enemies and feed on their energy with 'Sour Snow Cone⁠'

Donkey Kong has ditched his regular bananas for the explosive, 'Banana Bomb Taffy' Super blend! Super blend! It's 'bananas' and it's dropping flavour power-ups all over this level! ⁠⁠

Which kind of bear is best? 'Sour Gunny Bears'!! Each sip of this potent formula turns you into a run and gun legend!⁠

⁠Drink a scoop of 'Red Dead Berry' and rise once again with a full HP bar!⁠

  • 300mg Caffeine (natural caffeine from green bean extract...smooth but STRONG!)
  • 4 Crazy sweet flavours straight out of the digi-verse⁠
  • Sugar-free
  • Added vitamins (B6, B12, vitamin C)

⁠Whether it be work or play, when you're absorbed in the digital world...things can get a little 'glitchy', even when you're in the zone. With Super Duper Energy there's no need to unplug and 'Force Quit' your flow...simply sip on this 'Super' stacked formula to lose the lag and overclock those energy levels!!⁠

Ready to go online?! Sign in, choose your load-out and let's GOOOOO!⁠ 

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