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Good + More Good...Easter done Cocoa+ style!

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Good + More Good...Easter done Cocoa+ style!

With Easter only 2 weeks away, it's definitely about time we gave a little shout-out to our buddies over at Cocoa+ who, once again, have all your low sugar/high protein/fully anabolic chocolate needs covered!! This year? Not only have their big, ever-popular chocolate eggs been made fully 'good + more good' with premium, super-sexy - and infinitely giftable!! - new Harlequin-style packaging but we have, all-new for 2019, packs of gorgeous, gold-foiled Cocoa+ Mini Eggs!!!

I'm sure I don't need to rave on about how delicious, desirable and disturbingly guilt-free Sam and James's chocolate is, especially our favourite Milk Chocolate blend! We've been enjoying their cocoa-creations in the Mix for YEARS, and we've obviously shared more than a square or two with you during that time; it's luxurious, made with finest Swiss choc and whey isolate protein, gluten free...all that good stuff!!

Their showstopper 150g eggs? For us...the very BEST enjoyment Cocoa+ has to offer! The 40% cocoa chocolate used is the creamiest, smooth chocolate they make...and STILL low sugar! Even better? A 'cracking' (had to be ONE egg pun in here!) 40g (!!!) protein per egg!!

And the new golden mini eggs? With a handful of solid, milk choc eggs per pack - and 15g protein!! - these bite-size beauties are perfect to dissolve on the tongue or melt into your Easter oats!

With super-limited availability (sorry, folks...high demand this year, the guys couldn't spare us too many of their epic large eggs!) 150g milk choc eggs and packs of mini eggs are available in the Mix now...no time to waste if you're after the best-of-the-best protein choccy indulgence in time for the big day!

Ooh...and if you're just looking to try the new mini eggs along with some of our other tasty new protein-packed goodies? You'll find a pack in this month's 'Mix of the Month', too!!

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