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Hold onto your Broomsticks, folks!! It's time once again for a Halloween 'Swole(some) Spooktacular'!

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Hold onto your Broomsticks, folks!! It's time once again for a Halloween 'Swole(some) Spooktacular'!

Rounding off a 'freaky Friday' we just HAD to announce the arrival of a pair of ghastly, ghoulishly gorgeous goodies from Swolesome Foods... 'Candy Bar Pie' and an exclusive (and slightly EXPLOSIVE) 'Hocus Pocus' Bar!!

We've had great fun with Maddie (Swolesome's CEO and chief baker!!) on her seasonal specials over the years...Easter? Who can forgot those game-changing Easter Egg Hunt bars!! Christmas? 'Santa's Baubles' certainly stick in the mind! And Halloween? Well...this one's probably our fave as it's always license for Maddie to go a little extra cRazy!!! :D

This in mind, with just 2 weeks to go until All Hallow's Eve (that's Halloween, folks!!), we've got a devilishly delicious duo of handmade, high protein delights for you...and Maddie has really worked some magic!!

Starting with the Swolesome Foods special (some of you may have already been lucky enough to try this one, but it's only this week that's Maddie's been able to keep up with demand and make enough stock to share!!), Candy Bar Pie is like the ultimate 'Trick or Treat' experience in a single snack!! M&M-style peanut candies crammed into a salted caramel centre all coated in white chocolate and topped with salted pretzel pieces!! Possibly the most inclusion-infused Swolesome Bar ever created...and it ain't a trick!!! Aaaalllll treat!
Saving our fave until last, Hocus Pocus is Pick&Mix's own, exclusive wickedly witchy bar!! We asked Maddie to cast a spell on her bestselling Cookies & Dreamy bar and, 'fire burn and cauldron bubble' down in the famous Swolesome Bakery and all, this magical masterpiece was born! With a creamy, gooey green filling atop a rich chocolate-fudge base, all coated in no added sugar milk chocolate and suitably sinister sprinkles...it's infernally indulgent and, oh, did we mention? It's also crammed with popping Crackle (or should that be 'Cackle'?!) Candy!!

These super sinister specials are sure to be Halloween-y hits; terrifyingly tasty and, yep, *limited edition*, you guys *need* to try these before they...vanish! Available in our 'Super Swole Selection' Bundle now!

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