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Holy crepé...it's a MIRACLE CAKE BAR!

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Holy crepé...it's a MIRACLE CAKE BAR!

Pancakes aren't the only thing stackin' up here in the Mix...the latest in the Lo-Dough Miracle Cake Bar line-up has LANDED!

⁠It was only one short month ago that Lemon Drizzle & Caramel Crunch soft, squidgy, calorie-defying Lo-Dough bars arrived in all their next-level luxurious layered glory!

Straight outta' the Lo-Dough development kitchen we didn't just get NEW flavours we got a NEW recipe too! The OG Chunky Double Chocolate was good but now... taken from legendary status to OUT OF THIS WORLD'Double Chocolate Fudge' flavour⁠...we welcome this fresh format with open arms(and mouths!)⁠

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie delivers us a real sweet-tooth satisfying chocaholic spin on things! We're all about excess...you want chocolate?!⁠ You GOT it with this one! ⁠Satisfy that pesky sweet-tooth with a bakery style freshly baked and COATED fudge brownie bar, with of course the addition of a thiiiiiic chocolate cremé like fondant layer!⁠ Mini Roll eat your heart out!⁠

Tastes SO naughty buuuuut... Lo-Dough so...not!!

If, like us...you're into believin' miracles then pick up a mixed box of Lo-Dough Miracle Cake bars in our 'I Believe In Miracles' Lo-Dough Bundle today!

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