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Tropic like it's HOT...Maxx Chewning's Mango Sour Strips have arrived! Oh, (MAN)Go on then!!

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Tropic like it's HOT...Maxx Chewning's Mango Sour Strips have arrived! Oh, (MAN)Go on then!!


Available in the Mix now, perhaps the MOST anticipated of all potential Sour Strips Actual Candy flavours...we have Maxx's Tropical Mango!!

⁠Brace yourselves for an unholy and addictive mash-up of two of Maxx's most well-known obsessions - awesome *actually sour* sour candy and mango (in the form of crisp, frozen Margarita cocktails!!) - in homage to which he's gone above and beyond to deliver an extra flavoursome, extra sour, #tastyAF tropical tornado!

⁠His 4th juicy, fruity flavour, Tropical Mango, for us, comes across as the most natural-tasting Sour Strips sensation to date...perhaps even more satisfyingly, salivatingly sharp and sour than its popular siblings, Rainbow, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry and, of course, it arrives accompanied by a suitably badass (but undeniably cute!) mean-mango mascot!

Thanks to some skilful logistics, Maxx managed to spare us some packs of this latest launch. Definitely a bit of a candy miracle, given the insane popularity of these things!! Even MORE cool? We get to launch them here in the UK/EU at the same time as him (which is...December 17th @ 5PM; RIGHT NOW!!!)

⁠Whilst stocks last, then, we're super excited to say that *all four* flavours of Sour Strips are in the Mix and available in our 'Sour the the MAXX' Pick 'n Mix Bundle!!⁠

Also...we still have just a few tubs of Maxx's Limited Edition GHOST Lifestyle LEGEND pre-workout collab tubs left!! We thought it only fitting to bring back our 'Pink Friday' **FREE Candy** offer for the big launch here...especially as mango is what we're talking about!!

⁠With every tub of GHOST x Chewning flavour Legend, get a totally FREE pack of Mango (for Mango Margarita) or Strawberry (for Strawberry Daiquiri) Sour Strips!! Again, whilst stocks last, folks...so don't miss this!!⁠

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