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Misfits' unmissable triple-layer plant-based bars are perfect 'FIT' for the Mix!

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Misfits' unmissable triple-layer plant-based bars are perfect 'FIT' for the Mix!

Wow...MISFITS have got us head-over-heels for their gorgeous, all-new, triple-layered plant-based bars!!

⁠I mean...just LOOK at these beauties!! Vegan protein bars have never been more irresistible and appealing and, coming in a caramel-crammed UK first, these babies are ticking ALL the boxes for the ultimate #VeGAINZ⁠

⁠15g plant-powered protein CHECK
Less than 1g of sugar...Y E S!
U k, hun?
Haha...oh, yeah...we had to sit down too!!

Chocolate Caramel takes centre stage here - ever the ultimate combo - with a rich, cakey base, unMIStakable salted caramel vibes, biscuit-y bits and that choccy coating... Misfits are taking no prisoners with the recipe on this one!! 

⁠Choccy Orange - the second of the launch flavours - follows close behind! Imagine all of the above infused with authentic zingy-orange flavour and an ever so slightly darker, richer chocolate coating; dairyfree Jaffa Cake-style indulgence is yours for the taking!⁠

⁠From the soft base - complete with crispy crunchies - to the velvety sweet caramel-style filling and the 'unMISsable' smooth, creamy chocolate outer, Misfits bars screeeam their sex appeal!⁠

⁠And forget just changing the snack game for dairy-dodging folks...these gorgeous new bars are gluten-free, too!! And, get this, even the packaging is created using ZERO animal-derived product making these candy-like creation truly 100% vegan!⁠⁠

⁠Leave guilt at the door, deny diet-devastation, satisfy that sweet tooth and enjoy epic ethical treats at their finest!⁠

⁠⁠Pick-up a Mix of these high protein fabulous free-from eats in our 'UnMIS-sable Misfits 12 Bar Bundle' and get some unfeasibly moreish plant-power in your life!

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