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OUTRIGHT Festive new arrivals to kick-off December!

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OUTRIGHT Festive new arrivals to kick-off December!

Now that Pink Friday fun is behind us (thank you, all!! Hope you enjoy your goodies and gifts!!!), festive season is in FULL swing and we're ringing in the first days of December with a fresh line-up of new treats!⁠

⁠Keeping up the theme of the season... OUTRIGHT's Gingerbread PB!! And it's arrived alongside the luxurious coffee-inspired Breakfast Bar!⁠

Gingerbread?! YES...this is definitely what we've been most excited for!! With 16g protein a bar, you'll find peanut butter paired with a generous hit of ginger spice and, as always, all naturally honey-sweetened, giving this little bar that perfect festive flavour we're all craving right now... and we've even got some added graham cracker biscuitty chunks for a hint of gingerbread 'snap'!⁠

⁠The Outright Mochaccino White Choc 'Breakfast' Protein Bar is a bit of a twist on the classic 'real food' OUTRIGHT Bar formula, with Velositol® infused in that base of peanut butter, rolled oats and whey protein isolate


⁠Haha...sounds a bit odd for a snack but, don't worry, Velositol is a pretty little miraculous addition that boosts protein-potency!! Makes your snacks work harder for you, ya know?⁠

⁠Magical ingredients aside, with a delicious decadent velvet-y soft PB base and white choccy inclusions galore AND warming natural coffee flavour...this ones going to satisfy those cravings be it breakfast or otherwise!

⁠A double-whammy OUTRIGHT Bar drop here, folks...we aren't actually sure we could pick our fave if we tried! Adding to the uniquely tasty OUTRIGHT range, we welcome these two with open arms (mouths?!)

⁠Pick up a single bar or two, or get in the Christmas merry-mixing spirt and pick up our The 'OUTRIGHT Delicious!' MTS Outright 12 Bar Bundle and grab a few old faves alongside these two taaaasties!

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