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MyMuscleMug x Pick & Mix collab on NEW limited edition Unicorn flavour!

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MyMuscleMug x Pick & Mix collab on NEW limited edition Unicorn flavour!

Something MAGICAL this way comes, folks!! Outrageously sweet and over-the-top...perfectly pink, white, Pick & Mix-y and protein-packed...it's time to introduce you to the unique and mythically tasty beast that is... My Muscle Mug UNICORN flavour!!

A Protein Pick & Mix Exclusive, sparkly new Unicorn flavour has been secretly in the works for a few months now, created as a (hopefully first of many!) collaboration between the ever-awesome Emily at My Muscle Mug (maker of the wonderfully tasty, guilt-free Muscle Mug Cakes and (Pr)Oat Mixes we've been proud to carry in the Mix right from her launch!) and ourselves.

ANYTHING we put our (candy) stripes to has to be something truly special (goes without saying!!) and we're delighted to say that, between MMM and ourselves, we think we've 'conjured up' just that!

Unicorn is a cake mix like NO other...unashamedly fun, colourful and SWEET! It's got marshmallows, sprinkles (Unicorn ones, at that!!), white chocolate chips, all atop a smooooth vanilla cakey-base! Not to mention 25g protein!!

ALLLLL the best stuff, for once, all in one place...and that one place just happens to be a scarily cute, pink & white-striped, all-new special edition MyMuscleMug sachet!!

As easy to make as ever (chuck in your fave mug or bowl, add milk, zap in the microwave,...SHAZAM!), great-looking inside and out (just wait until you see the mini marshmallows, white choc chips and glitter melt and swiiiirl into your steamy protein treat!), and absolutely Fairytale taste...MyMuscleMug X Protein Pick and Mix Unicorn collab is a total must-try!

Limited Edition Unicorn MyMuscleMug is available in the Mix right now! Single sachets and in our ever-popular MyMuscleMug 4x pack Pick 'n Mix bundle!!

Oh, and don't worry!!! No Unicorns were harmed in the making of this divine protein snack! :D

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