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Nuts for White Choc?! Snickers White Choc Whey is the one!

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Nuts for White Choc?! Snickers White Choc Whey is the one!

As if by MAGIC, Protein By Mars have 'turned up the taste' once again! Thaaas right, folks...Snickers takes a step up!! Delicious White Chocolate, Caramel & Peanut protein powder is here!

⁠Mars continue to seize and satisfy tastebuds across the globe and, as we know, they've shown no signs of stopping at just regular candy; with Maltesers, Twix, Mars and Classic (Milk Choc) Snickers flavours ticked off in their gorgeous, novel Whey Protein range of shakes already, next on the list just HAD to level things up somehow and what else but the addition of SWEET, SWEET White Chocolate?!

White Chocolate + Peanut + Caramel... name us a more DREAMY combo!! We'll wait!

⁠We know from 'Mix-perience' over here that white chocolate in shakes can by hard to pull-off - many manufacturers have tried and failed to deliver something suitably taste - but Mars threw caution to the wind here... and we're glad they did!! ⁠

White Choccy is tough to replicate (or, at least, to differentiate from Vanilla) but, complete with the signature Mars-y indulgence, it's custardy, creamy and sweet enough to balance the impressive natural nuttiness of the signature peanut flavouring...we're pleased to report they've not let us down!!

You like the classic Snickers Whey? You're going to go NUTS for this one!

144kcals per scoop, 21g protein...whilst this one shakes up a storm we can imagine in protein baking and oats this is going to be a creaaamy dreaaamy nutty delight! ⁠

From their Hi-Protein Peanut Butter Snickers bar through to the Salted Caramel Mars their snack game is certainly STRONG and, increasingly, their protein shake game is, too! ⁠

Give this one a try next time you stop by...remember, you're not you when you're catabolic!!

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