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One-Punch Man's secret to getting a great physique...

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In the anime, "One-Punch Man", Satima (the main protagonist), has a very 'happy go lucky' attitude and despite not really caring, is ridiculously strong and over-powered, hence the name of the show...all it ever takes is one punch to destroy the baddy.

His self-proclaimed disciple is constantly trying to work out how his master is so strong, even after Satima himself tells him the secret, which is just a very simple strength training program (with the added spark of some intensity!). His apprentice is angry at that fact saying "That’s nothing but standard strength training and it's not even that intense! It's just a normal level!"

After this the disciple analyses everything his master does with the hopes of discovering something... what he does in his spare time, what he eats, what he says, where he goes, it drives him crazy trying to find out. He even thinks it might be some chips he’s eating, which he goes on to steal from the table and have tested in a lab.

Alas, he just can’t find it out.

We like to do the same thing in the fitness world...what’s his or her...secret?

What are they doing that’s different?

Sometimes we over analyze random things they do... perhaps it's a supplement they take or an exercise they do... maybe even some chips they've eaten for a cheat meal ;)

Truth is, it’s often just a simple training routine and diet that is followed consistently, nothing more to it. People might say there’s something special about it, but really, the bulk of the results come from working hard consistently over a span of years. Sure, there are little things here and there that will make a difference (going back to the anime it ends up being intensity and belief...that is just a cartoon though!) but the base tends to be pretty similar.

There isn’t ‘that one thing’ that’s being missed. As long as you follow a decent program, train hard, recover/rest and do it again daily...you’ll get there!

It makes me think of a clip from ages ago with a top bodybuilder who is asked the secret to getting in shape fast, "What exercises do the pros do?" asks the interviewer, the pro's genuinely a little confused, saying “We just do what everyone else does, compound exercises, hard training, good form…”

As for that secret ‘chip’? Well, we don’t have anything quite that powerful, but lil snacks and post workout powders are a handy way to stay on track while getting in your protein and curbing your cravings! Check out some of our trending goodies by clicking HERE!


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