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Pump, P-Pump, P-P-Pump it Up with smooth, summery Pineapple GHOST Pump!

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Pump, P-Pump, P-P-Pump it Up with smooth, summery Pineapple GHOST Pump!

...whilst the Summer is just about hanging on over here, who's for PUMP-a-Colada?!

GHOST® surprised folks both sides of the Atlantic last week with a 3rd flavour of their popular, stim-free PUMP product...the smooooth, summery Pineapple!! As big fans of GHOST PUMP and, for that matter, embarrassing, excessively sweet cocktails, well...we needed this one in the Mix FAST!! :D

Available instore and online at The Protein Pick and Mix now, Pineapple is by far our favourite GHOST PUMP flavour to date, slicing a perfect path between 'fruit juice-sweet' and 'candy-sweet' and. cleverly, combining with the typically thick and more viscous consistency of a well-dosed pump product (hallmark of glycerol - in the form of GlycerSize™ here - one of the main active ingredients, folks!) to more authentically deliver on the flavour-inspo's cocktail creds. Plus, it mixes up a glorious, true-to-Tropicana yellow!!

For those of you who haven't tried GHOST Lifestyle PUMP, it's a carefully formulated, caffeine-free pump-inducing powerhouse, well over a year in the making, and a real labour of love for GHOST head-honcho, Dan Lourenco.

Great for vascularity, great for vegans (it's vegan-friendly, like AMINOV2 & BURN!), whether you train late and don't need the stim-rush of LEGEND or are just looking for a little somethin' somethin' to make your muscles look just a little bit 'extra', it's the perfect product to pump-pump-p-pump you up!!

And whilst a scoop or two has you covered standalone, don't forget this is also great to stack!! Check out our GHOST 'PUMPed AF' bundle...sure, it goes great with LEGEND to really crank things up but, for me? I'm loving the combo of new BURN and PUMP!

The sweat-inducing stim/nootropic formula of GHOST BURN makes a pre-workout at a couple of scoops...but it misses a trick on the pump front. Well, yep, PUMP can help there!! Much sweatiness (courtesy of BURN) + much nitric oxide (courtesy of PUMP)? Siiiiick, bro.

...and Pineapple mixed with Mango BURN? All it needs is a tall glass and a paper umbrella!

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