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Raspberry & Blackcurrant...get 'stuck' into the latest fruity faves in the Skinny Food Co Jam range!

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Raspberry & Blackcurrant...get 'stuck' into the latest fruity faves in the Skinny Food Co Jam range!

Our ambitious aim to keep up with the many and varied Skinny Food Co #NotGuilty launches continues!! Having arrived with the immensely popular 'Cake Collection' of sugarfree syrups not long ago, we're delighted to introduce you guys to *two* new timeless flavour-classics in the Low Sugar Jam range, Blackcurrant Jam and, of course, Raspberry Jam!!

Both Blackcurrant and Raspberry are *easy* wins in the jam (that's 'jelly' to any of you North American 'Mixers'!) world; tea & crumpet mainstays since, well, Afternoon Tea was a thing (and doubtless loooooong before! The Druids probably had fun spreading this sort of stuff!!) And, once again, Skinny Food Co haven't let us down on this legacy...these are another two amazingly authentic, too-good-to-be-true fruit-filled faves!

How 'too-good-to-be-true'? Well, firmly 'sticking' with the Skinny Food Co's MO of delivering gluten-free, vegan-friendly, low (or no!) sugar, scarily justifiable syrups & sauces, their take on these popular preserves pack in real fruit (seeds and all!!) and deliver 100% of that sweet indulgence we crave but with...wait for it...93% (!!) less sugar and 85% fewer calories than your common or garden supermarket brand (just 7kcal a serving!)

Translation? As sweet, spreadable, satisfying and flavourful as you'd like (albeit a touch less sticky and viscous stripped of alllll that sugar) but with only a fraction of the traditional calorie fallout. Sound good? Does to us!!

We're honestly particular fans of these in the Mix, with Strawberry and Raspberry firm favourites, followed closely by Apricot and Blackcurrant (let's be honest...Skinny Food Co or otherwise, harking back to childhood and endless rounds of white Kingsmill sandwiches with the crusts cut off, Strawberry and Raspberry jams FTW!!) :D

Give one or two of these glass jar'd goodies a try next time you stop by, folks!! Whether atop oats or toasts, new addiction right here!!

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